Summer Must Have Shoes Under $100

I woke up this morning to Michael saying, “hey babe just letting you know there’s going to be a tropical storm today and it will be raining all week”. Great! This should be fun. Not! I remembering being a kid wishing and hoping for a tropical storm or hurricane because that meant no school. My […]

Simple Fourth of July Style

Happy Monday everyone! When I was thinking of putting this look together I immediately thought back to before I got married and even the first few years of marriage. (Lets just say pre baby years) I had an outfit planned for every occasion. I can even recall my brother-in-law asking if I ever wore lounge […]

A Secret about My Favorite Backpack

Hey everyone! I feel like I have been MIA lately. The rain we have been having here in Louisiana has gotten me off my game with posting. Also, this week GG has been going to VBS at church. Monday rolls around and I completely forgot about it until I saw another mom post about it […]

What to wear on Easter Sunday

Happy April! Happy Birthday month! Happy Spring! To me Spring is defined by the month of April. On the days it isn’t raining buckets the weather is insanely gorgeous and of course Easter. Now that I have kids I love playing the Easter bunny. I have so many fond memories of my mom leaving me […]

Off the Shoulder top and frills

Happy Wednesday everyone! Me and Michael have been planning out his last two semesters of school and I’ll say what his advisor told him, “Welcome to your senior year!”. Oh my, y’all it is going to be one heck of a last year at LSU. Seven classes that only add up to 12 hours?! How […]