Fun and Random Facts About Me

Hey everyone! It has been way too long! Last week was such a lazy week. Monday I wasn’t feeling too good, the baby has been teething his bottom molars, then Wednesday I got a migraine I think from all of the pollen. GG had a stuffy nose as well. Thank God all of that is […]

My Dream Dresses for Summer

Hey girls!! We have been back from our beach getaway for almost a week now. The amount of laundry I have done is ridiculous. I had every intention to do it immediately, but here we are, Thursday and I’m still not finished. HaHa what’s new? Laundry never ends so no need to fret right? Anyway, […]

The softest lace top you will ever own

Hey guys! It has been a hot minute since I posted last, but there is one thing I have realized. I love blogging and putting out new content. I have been thinking about different things to talk about and share with yall and can not wait to get to posting more. Now that I have easier […]

Casual Valentine’s Day

I can not believe Valentine’s Day is a week away! Since Michael has been in school I like to take each month and break it down by holidays and birthdays. Each semester I tell him, “ok, I’ll see you in four months” (not literally) because school is quite literally the only thing on his mind. […]

Transition from Fall to Spring

Transitioning from winter to spring is always bittersweet for me. I want to start wearing pretty dresses but I’m still longing for cozy sweaters and coats. I’m pretty sure Louisiana has said “see ya later” to all of the winter weather so, my favorite way to transition my wardrobe from winter to spring is with […]