Made me mama

I sit here and can not believe this will be my fourth Mother’s Day. The days can be so so long but these past years have gone by incredibly fast. My beautiful girl I remember your first cries, your first dimbled grin, your first words, your first steps, I remember the first time I could finally fit all of those locks into a ponytail. All of your firsts were my firsts as a mama. It has been incredible watching you grow into a spunky, sassy and very opinionated little girl. While you now share me with your little brother, no one can take away the fact that you made me mama. You have helped and continue to help me be the best mama I know how to be. Thank you for filling my life with laughter, sweet hugs and kisses, and plenty of bedroom dance parties. My sweet girl I love you more each day, thanks for making me mama. 
From Rouge with Love

He’s here!!!

Ok so baby boy has actually been here for about 7 weeks now, but getting back into my groove as a mom in general has been tough. Seven weeks later and I’m thinking I’ve got a system down with little miss threenager and the babe. 

So, I have been wanting to write a post about my labor and delivery probably since it happened just so I could look back and remind myself that “hey! It wasn’t that bad…”. 

Let’s get to story telling…

March 13th I fell asleep knowing that Michael would be waking up around 5:00am to drive a hour to school and wouldn’t be back till late that evening. The last thing I wanted was to go into labor and him not be here. Side note: my first labor and deliver was only 4 hours! My entire pregnancy I was preparing myself mentally to have a natural birth. It was something I wanted so badly for my first, but my mind got one over on me and I ended up with an epidural for a total of 30 minutes.

 So, around 3:30 March 14th I woke up to light cramping. I fell back to sleep and about 10 minutes later more cramping, so not thinking too much into it I decided to start timing them. I told Michael what was going on but not to get his hopes up because they were probably nothing. Around 4:00am I texted my doula just to let her know that my “cramps” we’re 2 minutes apart and were lasting a minute and a half. We were staying with my parents, so I decided I should wake my mom up just in case. My contractions, I guess I should call them that now, were now coming every minute. My mom is a nervous wreck telling me to go to the hospital, but in my mind they have to get worse. I was talking through them and you shouldn’t be able to do that, right? My mom leaves the room because she can’t handle it. My doula arrives around 4:50am and one look at me and she knows it’s time! Thank God the hospital is only 5 blocks from the house. Michael was running red lights and I’m having contraction after contraction. We arrive to the hospital and have to go through the ER since it was so early in the morning. I remember nurses trying to force me into wheelchairs and I would refuse. Everything was honestly a blur at this point. I made it into triag at 5:05. I was 9cm dilated and as they are pushing me into my room my water brakes. 5:14 and 2 pushes later Michael was here! He couldn’t even wait for my doctor to get there. 8lbs 4oz and 20.5inches of pure purfection. Baby boy thank you for the quickest and easiest natural birth. It’s everything I hoped for and more. The only words I remember saying were, “wow, that burned…” 😉 

…and counting


So here we are 32 weeks and counting. Boy this pregnancy has flown! If I took a snap shot of my calendar you would see something going on just about every week from here until my due date.

From baby appointments to meetings with painters and then of course the fact that my husband just started one of his toughest semesters. Ah! the list never ends and probably wont for quite some time, but my best advice to myself is to just take a deep breath and take every day a moment at a time. So with that here is my 32 week “progress” pic and a little update on baby boys nursery.



Nursery Love

Since finding out there is a little boy cooking inside me I have been on a Pinning frenzy with nursery ideas. Lets take a step back. We don’t exactly have a room that I am even able to designate a nursery, but we do have enough space in the corner of our room to make all his own and I cant wait to get started. Here are a few things I have been pinning lately.





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So here I am actually awake before the little one. This is happening more and more lately, but this time I managed to get out of the bed. I’m sure its due to the fact that little BOY in my belly enjoys kicking me awake. I don’t mind one bit!

Mothering a baby is one thing, but mothering a toddler…there should be college classes on this stuff. I know everyone does it different and no one way is the right way. Some days are easier than others, but those other days man I just want to act like a toddler and scream and cry.  Thank God for due overs, COFFEE, and chocolate cake because this momma needs those alot lately. Here’s to growing, learning and completely owning this thing called Motherhood.

From Rouge with Love