Create and Play

As I sit and drink my coffee I am amazed at my daughters imagination and creativity with her dolls, cars, stickers and every other toy that’s strewed across the living room. I began to think back about myself as a kid. I hated barbies and baby dolls. I played outside a ton and my favorite things to do were searching for rolly pollys, cool rocks, and crafts! I LOVED crafts. So as an adult it’s only fitting that those are the things that still speak to me. 

I recently stumbled upon Maryanne Moodie’s Instagram and immediately fell in love. Her weavings are gorgeous and give me so much inspiration. 

                     Check out her shop here

Come on! How gorgeous?! Now I need to purchase her lovely book off Amazon and try to concour one of these beauties or at least channel my inner child and craft my heart out. 

From Rouge with Love


Chloé Faye

This may not be the “it” Chloé bag of the season, but it is still a beauty. There’s just something about the no fuss clean lines this bag throws at me that I just love. While browsing the inter-web lusting after Faye I came across a pretty amazing dube. How it’s not already sold out beats me. 

                            Chloé Faye dupe

I mean, come on its even got the chain action going on. No brainer. 

From Rouge with Love 

The store from my childhood

I’m sure most people remember their 16th birthday. Big party, maybe a new car but for me it was being allowed to purchase clothes from Abercrombie *gasp*. Now don’t get me wrong my parents weren’t overly protective, in fact they probably gave me too much freedom at times. I mean one thanksgiving I flew to Texas to visit a guy and stay with his family alone at the same age of 16, buuuut that’s another story. 

Abercrombie. My parents couldn’t stand the smell of cologne that lingered the mall before you even saw the store and then of course there was the giant photos of half naked men… 

It has now been 10 years since that first purchase and my style has changed along the way, but something caught my eye. SALE. So I decided to make a little shopping detour and I was so impressed. Their basics are on point and the jean shorts are some of the most comfortable shorts I own. I loved the clothes so much I’m now purchasing some things for Michael and my 4 year old. Hello Abercrombie kids! 

              Here are some of my favorites

                               Drapy tank                     

                             Boyfriend shorts

                              Knotted tee 


               My favorite Off-the-shoulder top 

From Rouge with Love

Taking risks

                          Photo via Pinterest

I don’t know if it’s because I have two children or if I lost my edge but lately I find myself making safe decision after boring safe decision. Ok, I know it’s because I have a little 4nager that copies everything I do, so I’m just playing life safe. BUT we only get one life so I’m vowing to taking more risks and if that means finally getting my second hole pierced so be it! I’ve birthed 2 kids and I’m only 26 so let’s have some fun….Lord I think a second ear piercing is risky. God help me this process might take a while….