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Hey Everyone!

Sending everyone a virtual hug and I hope you are staying healthy and well.  I know these past weeks have been filled with loads of uncertainty. I hope this is a time for coming together to help each other out and to lift each other up. I originally wanted to come on and share how much Mimosa Handcrafted has been a part of my journey in starting this space, but in light of recent events I felt the need to share how a simple bracelet can be so much more than just a piece to wear on your wrist.

If you have been following along on Instagram you would have seen me post about Health Esteem and what that means for me. From going on walks, flower arranging with GG, to a dance party in our living room; there are so many activities I love incorporating into our everyday life to raise our Health Esteem. Mental health is not talked about near enough! To me, before I am even able to do those other activities my mind has to be in a good stable place. To be a good wife, mother, and friend my mental health has to come first.

So, where does Mimosa Handcrafted fit in with mental health? Besides the fact that Madeline has become such a sweet virtual friend, I have been blessed to run into her and her kids many times in Baton Rouge. She is the type of person to help in any way possible. Her heart and love for Baton Rouge is over flowing. This bracelet I am wearing in the photo is called  the “Hug Cuff”. It is a bronze cuff that is shaped like arms giving your wrist a nice hug. It represents the one needing healing and the one that can help. Madeline made this bracelet specifically for the Mental Health Awareness Association for Greater Baton Rouge. She hopes these hands are ice breakers to good, honest conversation about mental health healing, care-taking and being taken care of.

Madeline is incredibly gifted at creating pieces that take you to a distant memory or a better time. When I look down at my Mimosa Handcrafted pieces I am instantly taken back to these memories and my mind shifts to a happier place. It is incredible that just a simple piece of jewelry has the power to do this. While the “Hug Cuff” was made for Mental Health it is also simple reminder to stop and take a breath, clear your thoughts, and know that we will get through this time.

If you would like to check out more amazing Health Esteem ideas please head to

Once again sending everyone a virtual hug.

From Rouge with Love

*Thank you so much to Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center for sponsoring this post.

hug cuff, mimosa handcrafted, virtual hug, mental health, mental health awareness, baton rouge, our lady of the lake, health esteem

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