my five 2019 goals and resolutions

Hey babes, my five 2019 goals and resolutions are here!

I have been taking a blogging break this past month. Honestly, I have been incredibly uninspired. I have started plenty of posts and then end up deleting them because I felt like I was just throwing a post up to just put a post up. I want my posts to help you and inspire you in some shape or form.

We are almost to the MIDDLE of January and I figured now is the perfect time to share my five 2019 goals and resolutions with you. Most of these are expected and some are fun, but either way I hope you enjoy and get some ideas for yourself.

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My Five 2019 Goals and Resolutons

1. Wake up before the kids!

My kids are late sleepers naturally which has been such a blessing. Mama loves her sleep! But as I get busier with my blog and now that GG is in school I am realizing that waking up when they wake up is not helping me at all. I feel sluggish and end up not starting my day until sometimes 2pm or later. Michael is not in daycare or a preschool program, so getting work done with him still at home is pretty much impossible. So, my goal is to wake up at 6am. So far not so good, but I am trying!

2. Work out 3-5 times a day.

After I had GG I starting LOVING the gym. We would go to our local gym just about everyday and GG would go into the daycare and love it and I would have “my time” working out. Well, we no longer have a gym membership, so my love for working out kind of died. But it is time to stop making excuses and get my booty into shape! So, I plan to do some TRX workouts and then run on the treadmill.

3. Stick to Keto!

Last year I wrote a post on why we were doing keto instead of whole 3o. Once again, we have decided to do keto this January, but this time I want to stick to this way of eating for the entire year. Now, I don’t plan on killing myself. I will indulge every once in a while. OH! I didn’t forget about everyone who wants my keto lasagna recipe. I will be making it again next week and I’ll take pictures so I can write up that blog post.

4. Take a trip to Dallas

Now that Michael has longer spans of time off I like searching for destinations within driving distance for us to visit. I haven’t been to Dallas since I was in highschool, so I am excited to go an do a little exploring and shopping! DM me you Dallas must see and must do recommendations!

5. Plan a trip to Disney!

We have been wanting to plan a trip to Disney for years! In fact, we planned a trip the month before GG turned 3. Paid for the entire trip, but had to cancel at the last second due to some worries I had with my pregnancy with Michael. Everything ended up being perfectly fine, but I was so sad we had to reschedule. So, we still have two tickets that we have to use before they expire! We are hoping to go around Halloween because GG LOVES Halloween and I think it would be a fun time for Michael as well!

That’s all for now. I do have some goals for my blog and my instagram, but I don’t want to completely bore you with those. Ha!

Do you have some goals you are working on? I hope you enjoyed my five 2019 goals and resolutions! They are pretty simple, but I can’t wait to share with y’all as I accomplish each one.

Have a fabulous weekend!

From Rouge with Love


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