snake vs leopard

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Hey beauties!!

So many prints popping up for Fall, but the two I am battling between are, snake vs leopard !

This is the time of year when prints are in full force and popping up everywhere! I have always gravitated towards leopard print. I have even said that it feels more like a neutral. Now that snake prints are popping up just as much as the beloved leopard print I wanted to pick out some of my favorites for y’all! So, snake vs leopard. Which print do you choose? Or do you choose both!?

I’ll start with leopard print. I have had this one leopard print belt for probably 8 years now that I will not part with. There was one point a few years ago that I almost sent it to Goodwill, but I came back to my senses and kept it. Thank God because I have worn it a ton since then. I also have a little pair of leopard print espadrilles that I have pretty much worn to death, but still can’t seem to part with them. I am in love with all of the leopard print shoes here. They have such a good selection!

I definitely have a few of these leopard print pieces ready to check out. If I had to choose at least two of these pieces to add to my leopard collection, I would choose the Kendall and Kylie backpack and probably one of the leopard camisoles. Which piece is your favorite?

Now on to snake print. I feel like the snake print feels a bit more boujee. HA! Or maybe its a print you would normally see on a 70 year old women that wants to feel a bit more sassy. Either way, I am loving it this year. I am adding it into my wardrobe very slowly. As you can tell by the sliver of python on these Dolce Vita booties I have. I also had an adorable dress that I styled last year in a brown python print and I have no idea where it is now that we moved. Ah! I hate when that happens!

The two pieces I have to add to my wardrobe would definitely be those python loafers and the chiffon blouse! What about you? Do you plan on adding a little snake print into your wardrobe or is it a little too wild for you?

Snake vs. leopard I can’t decide. Either way, they are both such fun prints to add to your fall style.

From Rouge with Love

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