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Hey babes!

The long weekend is so close. Which means sales are popping up everywhere! Today I wanted to share the 5 products I actually use everyday and purchase over and over again. I’m sure you all have products you reach for every morning and night. If you have a product you think I NEED to try out leave me a comment. No matter how many different cleansers, serums, and makeup products I try out daily these are the products I know I can always count on.

First, I thought it would only be natural to start with the product I reach for first in my morning and night routine. My Cleanser! I have tried plenty of cleansers over the last year and a half. Some of which I actually really loved, but the one I just keep purchasing over and over again is the Biossance cleansing oil. This cleansing oil does not leave your skin oily or sticky and it actually takes off every bit of your makeup. I hate when I feel like I need to wash my face 20 times before being able to move on to the next step in my routine. So, if you are in the market to try out a new cleanser I HIGHLY recommend the Biossance cleansing oil.

The next product just so happens to be the second product I reach for every morning and night. My Toner! I remember long before I started blogging hearing about this toner and I just couldn’t believe something that I could quickly purchase from Target was so amazing. Well, I was wrong. The Pixi glow tonic is absolutely amazing. Again, I have tried plenty of toners over the last almost two years and I have purchases the Pixi glow tonic at least 6 times. I just keep going back to it. So, the next time you make that Target trip to buy all the things you didn’t know you needed make sure to grab a Pixi glow tonic!

This third product is definitely not a must have for most people and it is on the pricier end. This serum usually lasts me a very long time because I only use it when I am tanning. I do not tan my face, so on those summer days when I don’t feel like wearing makeup, but my face is 5 shades lighter than my body I immediately reach for the byTerry Cellularose Brightening serum in shade sunny flash. This serum comes in a few different shades, but the sunny flash color is perfect when I am tanning. It evens my skin tone and gives me that glow from within look. I am obsessed and won’t go a summer without it! Plus, you can get 20% off on dermstore.com

My next product is also a high end product that I immediately fell in love with. To be honest I thought all mascaras were created equal until I tried this mascara out. When I first tried it I had a flash back to that one time my mom bought me a tube of fancy Lancome mascara for my birthday. The byTerry mascara is unique because you get two wands in one. I first apply the mascara with the lengthening wand. Let that layer dry just slightly and then twist the wand to transform it into a thickening wand. Apply my second coat and I have the most gorgeous long but full lashes! Again, you can get 20% off your purchase on dermstore.com.

Last but not least is my lash serum! This probably should have come before the mascara since it does enhance the mascara by having long lashes, but I apply this right before I go to bed every night! If you have never tried a lash serum this one should be in your Amazon shopping cart right now! I have tried other serums and they worked ok. With the BABELASH serum I noticed a difference the first week I started using it. I also suggest apply it to your brows if they are sparse. Over all you will get fabulous lashes (and brows) which will only help your mascara look that much better!

Sorry for the lengthy post, but I wanted to help you understand why I love each of these 5 products and why I keep purchasing them month after month. Also, be sure to check out my Shopbop sale picks from my post here! This is probably one of my favorite sales going on right now.

Thank you so much for following along!

From Rouge with Love

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