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Hey ladies!

About two weeks ago I was randomly searching online for a specific style of Ray Ban sunnies. I assumed there was no way I would find them on sale, but little did I know I DID! When I first saw them I thought they had to be dupes. I have never seen Ray Bans for under $100 and since these were a more current style I was shocked. I read through each review and every description I could find to make sure I was getting the real day. Made my $64 Ray Ban purchase and said a little prayer that I was not getting duped. My Original shipping notification said I would not get them until after the fourth of July, but I was so excited! They ended up showing up 5 days early!

I did a little unboxing on my Instagram stories when I got them in and y’all they are legit! They are the real deal and exactly what I wanted.

Now for the details! I really have no mind blowing secrets other than I just searched for the sunnies on Google and checked out what showed up. Obviously the Ray Ban site was first to pop up. Then I noticed eBay had them and the price was significantly lower.

My last pair of Ray Bans were the hexagonal gold frame sunnies and I have NO idea what happened to them. More than likely they are now lost in a sofa somewhere, but I can not find those babies anywhere. Since I have now been wearing my new Ray Ban sunnies for a little over a week and I can now vouch that they are legit, I plan to purchase another pair.

Here are my Favorites!

  1. Round Double Bridge 51mm

2. Hexagonal Flay Lenses

3. Aviator Classic Silver mirrored lenses

4. Round Metal Gold Frame

There are honestly so many more that I love! Each of these are only $64!! I Just can not get over that price for real deal Ray Bans. If you happen to order a pair let me know!

Thank you so much for reading!

From Rouge with Love

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