amazing discount designer finds

Hey babes! I wanted to quickly share some amazing discount designer finds I recently came across. I could not believe my eyes when I was seeing Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, Stella McCartney, and Balenciaga hundreds and even thousands off! Before you get to looking around, Yes this is legit! These beauties are 100% authentic! I […]

20 items you need from the Target Universal Thread line

Happy Saturday beautiful people! If you follow along on my Instagram then you are probably well aware I am loving the new Target line Universal Thread. So, today I have gathered 20 items you need from the Target Universal Thread line. I have a few of these items and really need so many more! Have […]

chanel vanity case dupe – get the look for less

Hey babes! I hope your weekend was relaxing and wonderful! I don’t know about you but the Chanel vanity case was on my radar with flashing lights last spring and if I had an endless budget it would have been mine. But, since this beauty cost more than I could think of spending on a […]

huge valentines day giveaway – cristy cali

Happy Friday ladies!! I could not be happier that it is the weekend and it is an extra long one at that! Michael is officially on Mardi Gras break which basically just means we plan on eating lots of yummy food and spending time with family. Then, hello! Valentines Day! So why not have a […]

my favorite king cake 2018

I don’t know about you but my favorite part about Mardi Gras is not the parades or getting beads. It is eating KING CAKE! So what is my favorite king cake in 2018? I have never really thought about what my favorite one was before now. I mean, if I am being completely honest they […]