A Secret about My Favorite Backpack

Hey everyone! I feel like I have been MIA lately. The rain we have been having here in Louisiana has gotten me off my game with posting. Also, this week GG has been going to VBS at church. Monday rolls around and I completely forgot about it until I saw another mom post about it around 4:00 pm. So Monday was a total mom fail. HA! oh well she’s been going everyday since and has been loving every minute of it!
There is so much about blogging that I need to learn and have been learning and I honestly LOVE it! So at the bottom of this post you can officially shop my looks. Yay! One thing I have recently been getting into is podcasts. I may have mentioned it once before, but the influencer podcast by Julie Solomon has been teaching me lightyears of information about all of the ins and outs of blogging and influencers in general.
I’m sure most of you have heard of Rent the Runway, but did you know they offer everyday clothes? For some reason I assumed you could only rent gowns. They even offer some items for sale at a very discounted price. So, I have always wanted a Chloe’ bag, but that price tag is a bit much more my wallet right now. When I began browsing on Rent the Runway I noticed they now offer a program called “Unlimited”. Basically for a monthly set price you can rent 3 items, wear them return them and rent 3 more items. You also have the option to “keep” an item or all 3 for as long as you like. Just simply return them when you are finished wearing them. Ok, so I spotted this See by Chloe’ backpack and instead of renting this one item for the same price as the “Unlimited” plan I signed up! I have already received and returned multiple pieces and the entire process is very easy. For someone who does not own tons of bags the options are endless and they offer something for every occasion! If you would like to try it out or just rent one item you can receive $30 off your first rental or purchase HERE.
This dress! Y’all the material is so much better than I was expecting. Tularosa is by far one of my favorite brands. Always so well made and completely worth the investment because I know it will be in great shape and in style for years to come. And hello slit! I felt so fancy. I had to keep sticking that leg out to show off these heels haha. This dress is perfect for a bridal shower or even a summer wedding, especially when paired with these Dannijo earrings. How stunning! I couldn’t stop looking at them. My new favorite stunners for sure!
So sorry I never put up my top nude lipsticks and glosses. I was backing up my phone and lost the pictures, so I will be retaking those soon! I also wanted to mention that this post and all of my post have never been sponsored. These are 100% my opinions and I love telling y’all about my everyday finds. If there is anything you would like me to try out or review for you let me know in the comments.
Have a wonderful weekend girls! Don’t forget to subscribe down below and thank you so much for reading!
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