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Happy Cinco de Mayo! Happy Friday! First thing, I want to apologize for my nails in these pictures. They are chipped and gross but I am pulling the mom card and just going to say other things were more important than my nails. I should be packing for our beach trip, but I wanted to do a quick little review on a product. A friend reached out to me to see if I would be interested in Lipsense. This lipstick/lipgloss is being talked about everywhere! After wearing only Lipsense for a week I wanted to give my honest review and some pros and cons to this everlasting lip.

I guess I should start by saying that I own way too many lip products to count. I have about twelve similar but totally different nude shades of lipstick in my purse as I am typing this, so I was interested in trying this product to say the least. Pulling the trigger to actually try it out never happened. I was so happy when Samantha reached out to me to give it a try. Picking a shade felt like my life was depending on it, but I finally chose Caramel Apple. When it comes down to it I really liked the product and this color was perfect for my everyday looks. Now, here are my pros and cons to Lipsense. These are completely my own opinion, but maybe it will help with your decision in purchasing the product.

Pros to Lipsense:

• The colors are very pigmented.

• It DOES NOT come off! Like at all y’all. It lasts through eating, kissing, face washing, rubbing with your fingers. It is there to stay!

• The gloss is very hydrating and not sticky, which I love! It is made with Shea butter and Vitamin E which are both moisturizing and hydrating for the skin and lips.

• No smell! I am a scent person and if a product has a very fragrant smell that doesn’t sit well with me I wont wear it.

• The color options are endless. I only have caramel apple, but I can control the intensity of the color by applying multiple layers. I have also seen many people layering different colors on their lips and the outcome is gorgeous and so unique.

Cons to Lipsense:

• The exfoliation period. Now, I did not go through this, but you may if you have been using lipsticks made with synthetic waxes. Since Lipsense is a natural product it will purge the unnatural products from your lips. This period does not last long!

• You could experience burning. Ok, so I definitely did experience this and it felt pretty extreme the first time because I was getting over a cold and had cracked lips so it may not be that bad for you. The first ingredient is alcohol so that’s where the burning comes from. This stopped after a day.

• It lasts FOREVER! OK, I know I said this was a pro and it is, but if you are the type of person that enjoys changing your lip color every hour then this is not for you. There is a color remover, but when out and about it could be challenging to use.

• Could feel drying. The color itself is not intended to be worn on its own. So, you have to have the gloss on hand at all times or your lips begin to feel a little try.

• Color Bleeding. If you do not have young and pucker lips then you may experience color bleeding, but not to worry they do make Lipsense liners!

I honestly really like the product and plan on purchasing another color. There are SO many to choose from it might be a little difficult, but I’m sure I will choose some shade of nude. The blue red color is also so gorgeous so who knows you may see a bold lip on me real soon! All in all I would definitely give this product a shot. Again, Thank you so much Samantha for the great lip products!

If you would like to purchase Lipsense then you can contact my friend Samantha HERE!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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Color still perfect after eating that yummy cake and drinking coffee!

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