Mother’s Day gift guide and my wish list

Hey girls! One last push until we hit the beach next Monday and I am telling you I can’t wait! I will be documenting as much of our trip as possible, but I also want to fully enjoy our time as a family. In years past, Destin, Fl has always been our go to until we discovered Rosemary Beach, Fl. It is a little further but so worth it! One thing Michael and I love to do it to talk about all of the vacations we dream of taking one day. Hawaii, France, Italy, Bora Bora to name a few. Until then, Rosemary Beach is completely gorgeous and gives me all of those European vibes. Beautiful architecture, cobble stone streets, quaint little restaurant and shops uh sign me up! Recently, I happened upon a new development called The Pointe . Located right on the scenic 30A highway! We are so excited for our first beach trip as a family of 4 and can’t wait for yall to see it as well!

With Mother’s Day right around the corner I wanted to chat gifts. This year our trip to Florida is my Mother’s Day gift and Michaels Father’s Day gift, but a girl can have wish lists right? Sadly, mine is never ending. Bad thing about gifts being my love language. Sorry babe! Not going to lie, I have a whole section in my notes of wish list items…eeek! Ok on to the goods.

Mother’s Day Gift Guide/Wish List:

1. Louis Vuitton Small Ring Agenda Cover

I know I can just as easily jot a note down in my phone, but there is just something about pen and paper. This agenda matches my LV neverfull and has been a wish list item for a few years now.

2. Gucci GG web belt

Every blogger and their probably their moms have this belt already, but I love how this one is not fully leather. The leather belts are seen everywhere, but there is something about the iconic green and red that I love. How cool would it be to pass this belt down to GG when she is older. Just one more reason why I need it I think. Wink Wink

3. A Spa Day!

One of the hardest things as a mother is taking time for ourselves. We come up with every excuse in the book and then we end up going slightly crazy. OH! Wait! Is that just me?! haha either way taking time for yourself through relaxation or even getting a good work out in kid free is a gift in itself.

4. Classic Sunglasses 

Sometimes all you need is a good pair of sunnies and all is good in the world. Ok maybe not, but this is my third pair of Ray-Bans and I am obsessed! What more can I say? Protect your eyes girls!

5. Essential Oils

I’m pretty sure everyone has heard of essential oils and if not then I’m sure someone has tried selling them to you. Let me just say, they work! I started using oils when GG was around 6 months and have not looked back. Besides the fact that they smell amazing, these oils have been a life saver on so many occasions. I know you and your mama will love them.

6. “I love you mom” coffee mug

This mug is too cute! Simple and sweet

7. Floral Robe

Yall! I don’t know what came over me but I am now a robe horder. I am obsessed and believe everyone needs a robe in their life. The fluffy robes are so comfortable, but when I spotted this one I had to include it. It is so sweet!

8. By Terry Baum de Rose

I have talked about this lip baum before and I am still just as obsessed as ever! Like cashmere for your lips. This baum is pricey, but it is a lip staple. You can find it in my bag at all times.

I could go on and on with this post, but the baby is waking up so I will stop here. Next weeks post will be all things beach so I hope yall are ready for some summer inspiration.

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Top, Jeans aren’t online, similar earrings, bracelet (which is actually a necklace), bag (I inherited mine, but this one is almost identical), shoes (mine are last season, these are even better)

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