4 Tips to Finding Discounted Designer Shoes

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So I have been wanting to write this post for a while, but part of me thought it was just common sense. I mean we all know how to shop the sales right? Well I decided to share a few little tips that I have picked up along the way to hopefully help you find some amazing deals like I have!

Tips to finding (majorly) discounted designer shoes:

1. Shop often! I know we can’t all go run to Tjmaxx or Nordstrom Rack all the time, but I make an attempt to hit these stores at least once a week. Finding out when they receive new shipments is key.

2. Don’t JUST look in your size. I usually only look at the 7.5 size shoes and if I couldn’t find anything then, oh well! Until recently when the wrong size shoe was placed in the 7.5 area and it fit! I deliberately look through sizes 7-8 and even occasionally 6.5. Guys, I have never been a 6.5 in my life until I found Adidas for $15.

3. Sign up for the rewards program. I hate credit cards, so I am not promoting that, but similar to the Sephora rewards program Nordstrom Rack has a program. For every $1 you spend you get 1 point, but I am pretty sure they start you off with $20 depending on how much you spend when you sign up.

4. Lastly, always go to the clear the rack events or the sale on sale events. Nordstrom Rack every few months has a “clear the rack” event which is 25% off of the clearance price. This is when I found these perfect Coach wedge heels for only $34, normally $338!

My biggest designer shoe find has to be my Miu Miu peep toe espadrilles. I found these for $50, but they are still available at Saks Fifth Avenue. These Ivanka Trump lace up heels were a steel at only $11 and then I can’t leave out these gorgeous Coach wedges I paid $34 for. Sadly, I have never been able to find any crazy steels online, but there is something about finding a deal that makes me so excited! During my most recent trip to Nordstrom Rack I came across a pair of Valentino rockstud flats and a pair of Givenchy boots at prices you would never find online.

Disclaimer: Nordstrom Rack is not sponsoring this post. I have honestly just found the best stuff there.

I hope this helps someone out there find a crazy good deal on a pair of designer shoes. I also love online stores like, TheRealRealVestiaire Collective, and Gilt.

Thank you so much for reading along!

From Rouge with Love

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