Finding the best strapless bra

Happy Good Friday everyone! We have a lot of festivities planned for Easter as I am sure most of you do as well, so I wanted to put this post up real quick.

Bardot or off the shoulder tops are everywhere I look. Aren’t they so girly and cute? Before now I actually never really owned one but always loved the way they looked on everyone else. Reason being, I loath strapless bras. Finding one that actually does its job and is comfortable has been a task and now that I have had two kids it has been even more of a burden. Until now! If you haven’t seen or heard of the kissbobo lace up bra check it out. This self adhesive bra is unlike any I have seen or tried before. The lace up feature really hold you together and I love not feeling like I need to “adjust” myself every few minutes.

Funny story, on my wedding day maybe an hour before the ceremony I realized I forgot to buy a bra! I mean come on who does that?! Well I did and me and my mom were freaking out. I don’t think I will ever forget asking my brother in law to run up to Walmart to go buy me some “sticky boobs”.

Anyway, I hope everyone is having a great three day weekend and A happy Easter. We have three Easter egg hunts planned so I see a sugar high in GG’s future. Lord help me!

From Rouge with Love

*I was gifted this product but all opinions are my own.

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