What I got for my Birthday

Hi everyone! I hope this post find you happy and well.  So, yesterday was my birthday and with that another year older. This year my outlook on being a year older was a little different or should I say better than years past. Everyone looks forward to their birthday in some sense I suppose, but before now I just took it as a year closer to 30. Something shifted in me this year. There is absolutely no point to dwell on a number. A number does not define who I am, where I am going or what I haven’t (or have) accomplished. Some parts of my mind still feel 17, 4, 22 and now 27 and all of those feeling are good happy memories of those ages. Why place such a big dread and worry on another age?

Raise your hand if you enjoy giving gifts and getting them in return? Why is this my love language? I am too hard to buy for, I KNOW! I am seriously considering giving my mail lady a Starbucks gift card. I mean, she walks from door to door in all the different types of weather giving people all kinds of gifts (thats how I view the mail HA!) and never getting a pat on the back. I know I know it’s her job. Ok I totally took a turn with this. Lets get back on track. Through the years I have learned not to expect much in terms of gifts from Michael. Not because he doesn’t get me something, but because I am literally impossible to surprise. Yesterday I had no thoughts about how the day would go, but it was probably one of my favorite birthdays yet.

I woke up to my favorite Honey Cloud pancakes with orange juice and coffee. Then we headed to New Orleans for lunch at Willa Jean. I ate a crawfish roll and had their famous frose. First drink I’ve had since before I got pregnant with Michael and it was delicious. We then walked a few blocks to Drip Affogato Bar and had Banana Foster and Tirimisu ice cream. We originally planned to walk down Magazine St. to go to a few boutiques, but Michael fell asleep so we instead drove to the mall to do a little shopping there. I looked around Madewell and a few others stores, but ended up trying on sunglasses for the duration of our trip. It never fails I end up getting sunglasses for my birthday and I am completely ok with that! My eyes are extremely sensitive so if I’m not wearing polarized glasses they water and I am just a mess. Once we got back home we ate way too much boiled crawfish and then Michael managed to surprise me with some macarons from Bottega Louie. Needless to say my 27th birthday was a delicious one indeed!

So cheers to another year! I am looking forward to all it has to offer. Happy Wednesday everyone and thanks for reading along.

From Rouge with Love

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