What to wear on Easter Sunday

Happy April! Happy Birthday month! Happy Spring! To me Spring is defined by the month of April. On the days it isn’t raining buckets the weather is insanely gorgeous and of course Easter. Now that I have kids I love playing the Easter bunny. I have so many fond memories of my mom leaving me an Easter basket full of candy and other little bits. We would visit the grandparents and always have an Easter egg hunt dressed in our Sunday best. Haha not sure why we never thought to bring a change of clothes, but I distinctly remember running around my Maw Maws yard in a big dress finding all of the eggs. I love passing down memories and traditions to my kids.

How feminine is this dress? I am pretty sure it is the most feminine dress I own. The frilly shoulders are so sweet and add something extra to a traditional wrap dress. Wrap dresses look great on all body types, so if you haven’t tried one yet you totally should! With the floral romantic trend going strong this dress is perfect. I plan on wearing it at the beach, but it is great for Easter Sunday as well. This dress could not be more comfortable or more flattering.

P.S. If you follow me on Instagram (@rougewithlove) you would have seen that I started dermarolling. I know it has to do with my hormones regulating, but after each baby my skin likes to have a real good freak out. The scars left behind are more aggravating than anything, but I have tried everything from essential oils, a PMD, to different brightening treatments. Nothing has truly helped, so I will be giving dermarolling a try. This technique is not new to me. After having each baby I would dermaroll my tummy to help tighten my skin. It honestly works wonders! I will keep yall posted on how it goes 🙂

I linked some beautiful dresses down below!

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From Rouge with Love

 Lulu’s has some great options like: this floral maxi ,this floral wrap dress ,and I love this one

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