Casual Valentine’s Day

I can not believe Valentine’s Day is a week away! Since Michael has been in school I like to take each month and break it down by holidays and birthdays. Each semester I tell him, “ok, I’ll see you in four months” (not literally) because school is quite literally the only thing on his mind. Dissecting each month really helps me see the finish line for the semester. Ok I’m totally rambling. What are your plans for Valentine’s Day? As much as I enjoy getting dolled up I equally enjoy keeping it comfy. Before having kids we loved trying out fancy restaurants in New Orleans and staying at swanky hotels. I’ll just be over here day dreaming of sleeping a whole night through. Ha!

This year we plan on taking GG out. Let her pick a restaurant and then out for dessert of course (the girl loves her treats)! This look I put together is perfect for a casual Valentine’s Day date. The faux leather trousers spice it up and the pop of red add that Valentine’s Day flare. Throw on some comfy heels or heck even a pair of sneakers and you’re ready to go. One day we will be able to go on a fancy date, but until then I’m totally ok with sneaking away for coffee and donuts after the kids are asleep. Thank God for really sweet grandparents!

Miss G loves the camera! The entire time I was taking these she was off on the side striking pose after pose and directing me. So cute.

Have a great week loves.

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