Natural curly hair

Have you ever allowed your hair to just do its thang? Recently my natural curls have been a little (or a lot) crazy and growing out the bangs is a whole other story. Allowing my hair to dry naturally with a little help of product has really made my life so much easier. It may not be the chicest hair, soft or even in style, but I am embracing my natural.

Now, I totally believe in touching up and refining those curls. They could just be having a bad day or maybe I slept on them wrong, so if that is the case a curling wand is my best friend. I take tiny bunches of hair and curl them towards my face and away from my face just alternating as I go. Once I’m finished curling the pieces I shake my hands at the roots to rough it up a bit. I don’t want the curls to look too perfect. Then, I pick up my favorite hairspray lift sections and spray.

As a mom easy and quick is key! I don’t want to be spending hours on my hair. Embracing my natural curly hair has freed up time and the stress of making sure my hair was perfectly done. When it comes to going natural, the messier the better! Right?!

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