Classic Black Blazer

A classic black blazer is a timeless wardrobe piece. It goes with literally everything! Throw it on top of a band tee and boyfriend jeans and you instantly look put together. I also love it paired with cut off shorts as we transition into the coming season. This black blazer is so beautiful. The gold military style […]

Pop of wine

In Louisiana we get about three days of bone chilling cold and then right back to the 80’s. Brutally killing any type of immune system we once had. We never seem to be prepared. Wearing one too many layers when the temperature reads 70 and then as soon as it drops below freezing throw on […]

River dancing 

         Totally looks like I’m picking a wedgie It was such a gorgeous day to play at the river. Giuliana didn’t want to leave she just kept dancing and twirling around me. Well today is my anniversary. Eight years! How the heck? I swear these years are getting shorter. It has been […]