Cheers 2016

Reflecting back on 2016 there is only a couple of things that come to mind and that is life and anxiety. These two things go hand in hand because I mean who doesn’t feel some form of anxiety through out life? From finding out our rental had been neglected by the Rentors not letting us know about some issues to having a baby during midterms I am so ready for 2017 and what it will bring. 

Overall we had a wonderful year but I will never again renovate and sell a house all while Michael’s studying for midterms and I’m having a baby. But, we did it and we didn’t kill each other so I’d say all is good. 🙂 

I have some big dreams and goals for this space that I can’t wait to get started on so I hope you stick around. 

Happy New Years!!

From Rouge with Love 

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