I’m just sitting here on my sofa nursing my baby in a robe hoping he falls asleep soon so I can binge watch a few shows before I deem it’s time for bed. By the way nursing has not been a walk in the park this go round. Honestly I want to give up on it just about everyday, but it is my little guys main source of nutrition and he loves it. It’s all for you kid, I sure do love ya! 

I have always been an old sole. In high school if I came home past 10 my mom was cheering because it was so unlike me. She would push me out the door to go to parties.  I am such a home body and have always been one. Partying or going out was never something I wanted to do. I don’t like the feeling of getting drunk and staying out late made me feel gross the next morning. (I need my beauty sleep people) My niece recently commented that I act so much older than I am and since I got married so young I never got the chance to have that true “college experience”. I suppose there were moments when I wished I could have done things or gone on trips with my girl friends. But let’s be real, they were all getting drunk, staying up late and probably doing things married girls just don’t do and to this day I don’t regret anything. This day nine years ago I started dating the love of my life and he is worth more than any crazy college night or whatever it is girls my age do. Thanks for the best nine years and for giving me these two perfect kiddos. 

From Rouge with Love 

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