I know I’m only human but it has been eating at me. Why do I feel the need to confess? I told her I was sorry and that mommy loves her and she totally doesn’t remember any of it now. 

Well I was having a rough time putting Michael down for his nap so I told GG to go play in her room. He finally falls asleep. Yes! Then I start hearing loud banging on a door and GG screaming that the loud Thunder is scary and how much she hates the rain. It had already been a long day and if she dare woke up her brother…I was just losing it. As soon as I got him settled I swung her door open and said “Shut Up!!” I knew I was in the wrong as it was coming out of my mouth. There is definitely a nicer way to talk to a 4 year old who is scared of the rain and thunder. She started to cry and I felt even worse. My short tempered moment ended with apologies and I love yous. Maybe I’ll stop beating myself up now that I got this out. Ha! 

My cutie at her 4th birthday. Love her so much! 

From Rouge with Love

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