Moodier times

I’m sure this story is complete mama common sense but why did it take me so long to figure it out? 

G stopped taking naps around two. We moved to a new house and she got a big girl bed so a lot of change was happening. I look back now and we should have kept her in her crib a while longer. She loved her crib and slept so soundly. Once we all got settled in our new home, napping just never caught on. She is my little sidekick so it really wasn’t a big deal. It hasn’t been until recent I have noticed she needs a break from me and I need break from her. I’m sure my raging post partum hormones and caring for a newborn aren’t helping, but I do notice her getting pretty moody mid afternoon. Then I had an ah ha moment. When she goes to school there will be nap time! So here I am week one of incorporating “nap time” more like “go to your room and leave mama alone” time and I’d say it is going so well. After that hour we are both refreshed and so much happier. 

Let’s get real though. What I really need is a nice massage, a few glasses of wine and maybe a little trash tv. Ha!

And happy 4 months to my little guy up there. Pretty sure the teething has begun. Those fingers don’t leave his mouth.

From Rouge with Love 

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