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As I sit and drink my coffee I am amazed at my daughters imagination and creativity with her dolls, cars, stickers and every other toy that’s strewed across the living room. I began to think back about myself as a kid. I hated barbies and baby dolls. I played outside a ton and my favorite things to do were searching for rolly pollys, cool rocks, and crafts! I LOVED crafts. So as an adult it’s only fitting that those are the things that still speak to me. 

I recently stumbled upon Maryanne Moodie’s Instagram and immediately fell in love. Her weavings are gorgeous and give me so much inspiration. 

                     Check out her shop here

Come on! How gorgeous?! Now I need to purchase her lovely book off Amazon and try to concour one of these beauties or at least channel my inner child and craft my heart out. 

From Rouge with Love



  1. July 27, 2016 / 9:12 pm

    Love that! Makes the room look so bright and interesting!

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