Knitty Gritty

So hygiene. We learn what it is at a very young age. Take a shower everyday. Brush your teeth twice a day. Yada yada yada… Fast forward 20 plus years and you have a kid and you start to question how the heck your going to take care of your new little babe much less yourself. Well I’m here to say it’s ok mama, I just went 4 days without showering and 1.5 days without brushing my teeth #barf Guess what?! My kids were fed, played with, and their hygiene was greatly taken care of. 

I feel like as new moms we put expectations on ourselves and if we don’t live up to them we are total failures. No one is perfect and I’m not proud of my 4 day hygiene hiatus but I’m alive and well and so are my 2 little munchkins. Let’s give ourselves a little grace and enjoy these fleeting moments with our babes, even if that means not brushing teeth for a day or two. #yepisaidit #truth 
From Rouge with Love 

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