Made me mama

I sit here and can not believe this will be my fourth Mother’s Day. The days can be so so long but these past years have gone by incredibly fast. My beautiful girl I remember your first cries, your first dimbled grin, your first words, your first steps, I remember the first time I could finally fit all of those locks into a ponytail. All of your firsts were my firsts as a mama. It has been incredible watching you grow into a spunky, sassy and very opinionated little girl. While you now share me with your little brother, no one can take away the fact that you made me mama. You have helped and continue to help me be the best mama I know how to be. Thank you for filling my life with laughter, sweet hugs and kisses, and plenty of bedroom dance parties. My sweet girl I love you more each day, thanks for making me mama. 
From Rouge with Love

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