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First off, lets have a little intro. Hi! my name is Kayle and I reside in South Louisiana. I love decorating and redecorating; I basically move furniture on the daily just to change things up. Also, why must chocolate be so dang delicious. I am addicted to the stuff! I absolutely love being a momma to my little GG and can’t wait to bring a little brother or sister in to this world for her to help momma with me.

GG is going through a stage where one day she longs for a nap and the next she’s just not having it. I believe all moms long for that cherished moment of silence and boy when it comes around I soak it up…those moments are becoming less and less around here. We are also in the middle of potty training. She’s three and could honestly care less. Just the other day she told me “whats the point?” Well Kayle, what is the point? I mean really, she has it made in the shade. Go when you want wherever you want and mom will clean up after you. Oh silly girl one day it will happen…..please oh please be soon! Until then, momma loves you oh so much and will keep you little as long as I can.

From Rouge with Love

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