Happy ONE Year!

WOW! This week marks one year since we uprooted our “normal” pretty comfortable life to embark on this new adventure of college. my husband had a very nice job working for the family business. It allowed me to stay home with GG and it paid for things like a fancy gym membership and our nice […]

Where I’m At

First off, lets have a little intro. Hi! my name is Kayle and I reside in South Louisiana. I love decorating and redecorating; I basically move furniture on the daily just to change things up. Also, why must chocolate be so dang delicious. I am addicted to the stuff! I absolutely love being a momma […]

Lets do this

Source:FreePeople Pinterest As a mom of one and one on the way I think it is huge to try and capture those little moments that become memories. Honestly it can be very easy with all of the different social media outlets but still there is so many memories lost. I have decided to start this […]